The Story of Flavor…part 2 or How to Track your Sugar Consumption

Fat provides flavor. So, as fat was understood to be bad for you and consumers didn’t want to eat it, companies began removing fat from food.  What do you think they replaced it with to make food taste good?


But how much you ask? Good question! The top 2 types of sugar used in foods are refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The amounts vary in different foods, yet sugar is often present, and in higher amounts than you might think.  Let me show you.

Heinz Ketchup:

Heinz Ketchup Nutrition Facts

You’ll notice it says “serving size 1 Tablespoon”. If you look down the @sugar amount, it says 4 grams. What that means is that in every 1 Tablespoon there is 4 grams of sugar.

Now 4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon. (This is an easy way for you to figure out how much sugar is in what you are eating.) Since, 3 teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon, we know that in every serving of ketchup, 1/3 of that serving is sugar.  I am going to show you one more label and let you do that quick check – divide the grams by 4 and you’ll know how many teaspoons of sugar per serving are in that food.

Yoplait yogurt:

Yoplait Yogurt Nutrition Facts

Did you get that amount? That is a lot of sugar!!!

What does all the sugar in things mean for us? It means that we are often consuming sugar without realizing it, and thus contributing to the quantity of how much sugar we eat per day.   I want to show you what the ramifications of eating lots of sugar, often unnoticed, looks like.  Here it is in a image:
Nursing Your Sweet Tooth

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Baby step B: Track your sugar. If you are reading the labels, you begin to become more aware of how much sugar you are consuming. Then it becomes easier to tweak how/what you consume. For example, you might decide to eat plain yogurt and sweeten it yourself. Then you control how much sugar you eat at that time. Or, you might use less ketchup. Or you might decide that as the cereal you are eating has sugar already, you won’t add any more. See? It is easy. Baby steps!!

Ok, up next: That sugar has to go somewhere!

~ Savvy Food Mama