My favorite skin care line (not paid to write this, I just love them so much!)

I just love this company! I love how clean their products are, I love how they make my face feel, I love that I can recognize all the ingredients, I love how they base their products on fruits and veggies! Sometimes I tell my girlfriends “their stuff is so clean, you could eat it!”

Here is what I use: My favorite make-up remover Lavender Honey

My favorite lip balm: Cherry Mint

My favorite hand lotion:

My favorite cosmetic set, Pretty Naked Trio:

My favorite eye cream, Organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream: 

One of the things I love about this company is the way they take care of their customers. The shipping is very fast, and there is almost always a little extra something in the box that you didn’t order.  I love feeling so taken care of and smelling so good!

Have you ever used 100percentpure products? What was your experience?

~ Savvy Food Mama