Toddler shenanigans

A couple weeks ago I was getting ready for the day putting my make up on in the bathroom. I hear this loud hollering for mama coming from the hallway. (There is hollering and there is HOLLERING.) this was a case of the latter.
I opened the door and found out that my two-year-old son had gotten himself locked in my bedroom. By himself.

I called my husband at work but he didn’t answer. That usually means he’s in the middle of a meeting. I tried to open the door, nothing. Finally I decided to call my brother who is an excellent lock picker.

Meanwhile in my bedroom I hear my little guy shouting, “big mess, big mess!” He is two years old so it comes out very statically….BIG….MESS!

In my head I’m thinking, how bad can it be he’s pulled books off the bookshelf, or he got into the trash. My expert lock picking brother starts talking me through the process, “find something small enough that will fit in the hole like a coat hanger.”
– that didn’t work… and do you know I don’t remember what the next item he suggested was, all I remember is it worked! It took me about five seconds to turn to the right and it unlocked.

I walked into the room to see Mr. Buddy with no pants on, no diaper on, and just his onesie on his body. “Big… Mess!” There it was, a puddle of pee!

My four-year-old called out to me, “it’s a minor inconvenience Mama.” I love that mindset that she exudes! All day long for the rest of the day I could just hear the little guy’s voice, ringing in my head: “big… Mess!”it made me laugh all day long.

What to make for breakfast?


Today I had planned a pretty typical breakfast. The kids get to eat after they’ve gotten dressed and ready for the day and mama has too. However… I was surprised by what happened with my girls.

Last night I went to a Christmas party and brought as my contribution to the dinner a beautiful tray of veggies with homemade hummus. This morning as I was prepping breakfast food, the girls saw that tray and started begging for some veggies. Before you know it Mr. Buddy wanted some too. So, first thing for breakfast my kids ate carrots, peppers, cucumbers and hummus!!
What is the funniest or craziest breakfast story that you have experienced?


Happy Autumn!!

After a full summer, I’m back!!! We are sliding into our routine, the laundry is happening, the meals are planned better, and I’m homeschooling. It’s going really well, and everyone is enjoying it.

I am working on some household projects – switching out 3 kids clothes from summer to winter, organizing our coat closet and figuring out what the 3 new bookshelves we acquired this summer are going to be used for.  A sweet friend gave me some of her baby boy clothes and I need to finish sorting through those and storing them.

Last night, we went for a family drive after dinner. The sunset was gorgeous and just being together as a family, enjoying the marvels of outside fills my cup. It is so important to make sure those “cup-filling” activities are planned into the week.

Cheers to an AWESOME week everyone!!!

~ Moira, the Savvy Food Mama

IMG_2006*picture from our family vacation

Things got a little Craaaaaazy over here!




So…it has been awhile, yes?  In the last few weeks, we have PAID OFF OUR DEBT, celebrated that with our kids, I have traveled for business and am about to get to do that later this week, added new team members and helped one of them promote already! gotten clarity and a game plan for healing my thyroid, planned and successfully executed a surprise date night for Prince Charming, potty-trained a 2 year old…and lots of other stuff. (I am pretty sure the potty training says it all, right 🙂 ) We generally host something at our home 1- 2 times per week. …so things have been busy

Now that you are all caught up with our life, let’s do a quick recap on the Bloggy Challenge…I started Lent out with the goal of only buying exactly what we needed and *hopefully* saving some each week to give to charity!  In the middle of this challenge, I had some bloodwork done as well as an allergy test. This is aimed at healing my “bump” as my kids call it – I have a goiter on my thyroid. After 5 years of doing my own research and my own work on healing, it is such a gift to be able to work with a Naturalpathic Dr. who is helping me finish out my healing. Apparently, I did really well just on my own!

So for the time being (as in temporarily) I am cutting out more things that just gluten. I am officially cutting out gluten, dairy, cane sugar, almonds. I can eat very occasionally soy, eggs, and corn. Whew!  So the effect of changing my diet bang in the middle of this challenge is that…it changed what I needed to be buying. That usually takes me a couple of weeks to land on my feet, so, rather than trying to save every week, I decided to see what is left at the end of the month. I will post that later this week. 🙂

Thanks for your patience friends!

~ Savvy Food Mama

Catch up and cute babies!

So…last week I joined ConversionDiary’s challenge to post 1/day for 7 days. …I did great Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday….and it all went south Friday. I forgot I had Book club Friday am, cooking AND shopping to do all Friday afternoon for a Girls Night I co-hosted Friday evening, only to get up Saturday @ 5 am, attend this ( AMAZING conference on the dignity of being a woman (an all-day event), get home in the evening, only to crash!

Well, Sunday we also hosted a family for dinner! So, after all this crazy, I aim to post at least a little more frequently this week than I usually do (I aim for 3 posts/week).  And to start, I thought I would share with you what dinner prep often looks like around here. In 1 take:


Cheers to Terrific week!

~ Savvy Food Mama