Chicken feet, yep seriously!

My 2 year old daughter saw these on the counter after we got back from grocery shopping. “Do they scare me, Mama?” she wanted to know. “No, baby doll, they are chicken feet-ies. We use them in soup.” “Yeah Mama, I think they scare me!”


Okay, 1 year ago…(not that long ago), they scared me too. My mom had a bunch and I thought it was just weird. You know…in my head – that is fine for you to do, but there is NO WAY I WILL EVER BUY CHICKEN FEET!!! I know they are for soup, they add more gelatin to the broth (a great bone-building, gut-cleansing food). HOWEVER, I am not that crunchy!

Well, I watched for a year. And my mom made the most amazing soups! AND her broth was thick and loaded with nutrients. And when it was still cold, it was like jello – jiggley. That is a sign of lots of good gelatin. When your chickens are eating off the ground, bugs and things, they are so healthy. So-ooo….

Here we are a year later, at our little market. And I saw chicken feet! My first thought was, “YES! Now I can get some and make some awesome broth like mom does!” Next thing you know, I am home with them, cutting the package so I could freeze them in such a way that allows me to grab a few and toss them into the broth. Yeah, it was weird! Yeah, they have toenails!!! A little eww…!

So, I guess I am that crunchy???! Or maybe eating healthy is a process, a learning curve and I am a year farther on the curve…

I am still dead set that I don’t want to butcher our own meat!!!! Are you going to laugh if I have to eat my words?? Tell me in the comments. 🙂

~ Savvy Food Mama


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