Sourcing: Coconut Oil & Coconut Flour

A dear client of mine asked me a great question this week. She is a mama to a large family, and would like to know where she can get coconut oil and coconut flour at a reasonable price.

My favorite company for all things coconut is

It is some of the best quality I’ve seen! However, the art to shopping this company is when they are having deals. Tropical Traditions loves to bless their customers with good sales. Here is today’s deal – 50% off their coconut oil!!

Another good option to check out for sourcing is your local health-food store. I find they often carry cheaper versions of products I like.

Here is another good brand of coconut flour:

And, when all else fails, check out Amazon. Sometimes, I find things on Amazon @the cheapest price. Not always, but it is definitely worth a peek.

Cheers to a delightful week!!
~ Savvy Food Mama