Toddler shenanigans

A couple weeks ago I was getting ready for the day putting my make up on in the bathroom. I hear this loud hollering for mama coming from the hallway. (There is hollering and there is HOLLERING.) this was a case of the latter.
I opened the door and found out that my two-year-old son had gotten himself locked in my bedroom. By himself.

I called my husband at work but he didn’t answer. That usually means he’s in the middle of a meeting. I tried to open the door, nothing. Finally I decided to call my brother who is an excellent lock picker.

Meanwhile in my bedroom I hear my little guy shouting, “big mess, big mess!” He is two years old so it comes out very statically….BIG….MESS!

In my head I’m thinking, how bad can it be he’s pulled books off the bookshelf, or he got into the trash. My expert lock picking brother starts talking me through the process, “find something small enough that will fit in the hole like a coat hanger.”
– that didn’t work… and do you know I don’t remember what the next item he suggested was, all I remember is it worked! It took me about five seconds to turn to the right and it unlocked.

I walked into the room to see Mr. Buddy with no pants on, no diaper on, and just his onesie on his body. “Big… Mess!” There it was, a puddle of pee!

My four-year-old called out to me, “it’s a minor inconvenience Mama.” I love that mindset that she exudes! All day long for the rest of the day I could just hear the little guy’s voice, ringing in my head: “big… Mess!”it made me laugh all day long.

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