Mama musings

It’s a good day when mama gets a shower. It’s a great day when the food is already planned out. It’s a fabulous day when the food actually gets made. And when the laundry gets moved through the wash and dryer, no matter how dark it is outside, the sun is shining!

Today the sun is shining brightly!!

Seriously, there’s lots that mama has to do every day or gets to do and it takes a bit of juggling. Especially in the season of Advent leading up to Christmas when there’s cards to write, presents to buy and wrap, things to deliver, a house to decorate, and a sense of staying in the present to pass on to our little people. That last one is the one that takes the most intention.

Rather than decorating my house all at once, I opt to do one item or so a day. The kids get to help me get something out of the advent or Christmas box to make the house look pretty. They also get to put one piece up for the creche every day. Slowly the house is transformed, and by Christmas eve it’s full of excitement.

Little people love quality time and they love getting to partake in the doing of things. It doesn’t seem to matter at my house if it’s a Christmas craft, or making dinner, getting to create brings a huge sense of wonder and joy. I think we all love to create in our own individual ways.what is something that brings you joy that you love to create?

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