Moment by moment

Today in quick moments:

Moment one: I remembered to plan out our meals last night. That saves me so much time and effort and money because I remember to use up what we have. I write on our little white board what I’m making for dinner and for breakfast and then check the refrigerator for what we’re using for lunch. I try to cook a lot during the week so that what I cooked lasts during the weekend and we use up the leftovers. It’s always fun to walk into a Monday with lots of leftovers so I don’t have to cook much. Yay!

Moment two: the kids are upstairs on nap time. We have two rules for the older kids – stay in bed, and stay quiet. There’s about a 50% success rate on any given day. Right now they’re staying in bed… You can figure out the rest.

Moment three: I worked on a Christmas craft today with the kids. We are making placeholders for Christmas name tags around the table. Let’s just say it involves time and a hot glue gun… A tad tricky this morning with three Littles running around.

Moment four: Real mama moment… I have two loads of laundry to be folded sitting on my dining room table and two in the basement also ready to be folded. I have lots of Christmas stuff to do this week… Real moms really juggle! Just not with toy balls.

Question: if this were you when you were faced with working on Christmas presents or folding laundry which would you choose?

2 thoughts on “Moment by moment

  1. I think I’d actually choose the laundry! Christmas presents are one of the only aspects of Christmas I don’t really LOVE doing. 🙂

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