St. Nicholas Feast day

Happy Sunday!

Today’s the only day of the week we do not usually set an alarm. We like to let the noise of the kids wake us up. This morning, the first sounds I heard were my eldest daughter singing O Holy Night to Mr. buddy in his crib. It was such a precious moment, the kind you want to pause and remember forever. The song was followed by sweet giggles and laughing.
I like hearing how they play together first thing in the morning. The deal is, they wait in their room until daddy and I get them up. They’re allowed to excuse themselves to go to the bathroom, and then they go back to the bedroom and play. People have told me since they were small that these years are fleeting. Sometimes it feels like a day lasts a lifetime, and sometimes it feels like just yesterday we brought our oldest daughter home from the hospital. I tried to savor those “pause” moments throughout the day.

The song that my oldest was singing today– O holy night – that’s the song my husband sings while they are growing in my tummy. It has a special memory for all of us.

After a few minutes, we got up to get ready for the day. Today is a big celebration at our house – everyone left their shoes out last night all lined up. In the morning, we woke up to come downstairs and see the treats that are in our shoes. The tradition goes back to the fourth century where a bishop, St Nicholas assisted a poor family. They did not have enough money for their Dowery. They were facing a tough life without that. One night they went to bed with their shoes out (it is unclear to me whether they were on the doorstep, or near the hearth); in any case, in the morning they had a small sack of gold in each pair of shoes for each of the girls. To celebrate that feast day, we all leave our shoes out and find some small yummy treats in the morning.

Happy Sunday during this beautiful Advent season!


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