This past weekend, Saturday was very full at our house. My girls and I went out to do Zumba at the park, we grocery shopped at several stores, my husband and I did our budget session, and I went out with a friend for  coffee. So by the time dinner time came around, my husband and I looked at each other… “I didn’t pull any meat out of the freezer” He mentioned.  “Yeah, we never planned dinner last night did we?” I responded.

 We call this adventure dinner at our house. Translated, it means leftovers… Or whatever mama can find.


 Naptime at our house is strictly enforced. There are only two rules – stay in bed, and stay quiet. They are met with about a 50% success rate… Sometimes they fall asleep and take a nap and are completely quiet and stay in bed the whole time. Sometimes they are up-and-down and super noisy  and in trouble the whole time. Most of the time, they’re sort of noisy and I can hear them getting out of bed and I just leave well enough alone. Frequently, the getting out of bed part involves the older sister reading to the younger one –  handling a little bit of noise for that one seems worth it.

 Occasionally one of the kids comes downstairs. They know it better be a good reason. Today, my four-year-old came down and told me, “Mama, this is a very important reason why I am coming down!  I found this and I didn’t want Brendan to get it, so I’m bringing it to you.”


 Please note, the tiniest bead you have ever seen. Definitely serious enough to get up from nap!!!

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