The Power of 1 Simple Change



Have you ever been at a point in your life where you cannot see what is around the bend? Yet you know you want things to get better, grow, improve, flourish!

Have you ever tried to make a New Year’s resolution that involved a lot, or was complicated and it fell on it’s face after a couple days?  And again, you feel the desire for things to flourish, to become better.

Within the last year, I have discovered the power of changing one small thing at a time, and turning it into a habit. Then, adding a new habit on top of that. Little did I realize, I have been  implementing health changes this way over the last seven years. It started with something really funny, and kind of embarrassing. I was binging on gummy bears from Walmart. I had a eight month old baby, I was dealing with some minor depression and I didn’t realize it. I was looking for something healthy to replace the gummy bears, and that I could feel good about binging on. I finally found it, fruits and veggies in gummy’s. This one small change allowed me to back away from my sugar cravings and eat dessert less often. This led to feeling healthier with better energy.  Thus began a journey of health, taking one step at a time.

I want to know, what does your story look like? What is one thing that you have done for your health that you are proud of or that has made you feel better? I want to hear your story! Will you share it here? Or send me an email at:


*to check out the gummies that started my health journey, click here:–orchard–garden—vineyard-blen-chewables.html#.VYgZ4FI8KnM

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