Bloggy Challenge update + #1 way to stay well while traveling!

Bloggy Challenge update: Grand total of $16 left over (not including the amount I saved in the early part of the month). I learned on that challenge – you don’t know when the unexpected is coming along. Feels good to come out ahead, at least a little bit. 🙂


I am traveling this week and I thought I would share with you my #1 tip. Here it is: Make sure to keep taking your nutritional supplements!!! Seriously!


I bet you didn’t expect that one 🙂 …   I have found that more than anything, getting my extra fruits and veggies as well as my probiotics really makes a difference in me feeling well. You know, we leave our routines and our sleep patterns and maybe eat things other than our typical nutrition, so it is really really important to keep giving our bodies the best stuff (bonus! capsules are convenient!)

Laughter also helps us stay well while traveling! I love getting to travel with people who boost me up!

What is your tip? I would love to hear it!!

~Moira, The Savvy Food Mama

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