Things got a little Craaaaaazy over here!




So…it has been awhile, yes?  In the last few weeks, we have PAID OFF OUR DEBT, celebrated that with our kids, I have traveled for business and am about to get to do that later this week, added new team members and helped one of them promote already! gotten clarity and a game plan for healing my thyroid, planned and successfully executed a surprise date night for Prince Charming, potty-trained a 2 year old…and lots of other stuff. (I am pretty sure the potty training says it all, right 🙂 ) We generally host something at our home 1- 2 times per week. …so things have been busy

Now that you are all caught up with our life, let’s do a quick recap on the Bloggy Challenge…I started Lent out with the goal of only buying exactly what we needed and *hopefully* saving some each week to give to charity!  In the middle of this challenge, I had some bloodwork done as well as an allergy test. This is aimed at healing my “bump” as my kids call it – I have a goiter on my thyroid. After 5 years of doing my own research and my own work on healing, it is such a gift to be able to work with a Naturalpathic Dr. who is helping me finish out my healing. Apparently, I did really well just on my own!

So for the time being (as in temporarily) I am cutting out more things that just gluten. I am officially cutting out gluten, dairy, cane sugar, almonds. I can eat very occasionally soy, eggs, and corn. Whew!  So the effect of changing my diet bang in the middle of this challenge is that…it changed what I needed to be buying. That usually takes me a couple of weeks to land on my feet, so, rather than trying to save every week, I decided to see what is left at the end of the month. I will post that later this week. 🙂

Thanks for your patience friends!

~ Savvy Food Mama

6 thoughts on “Things got a little Craaaaaazy over here!

      • Not sure if it applies to your case but benign cystic nodules 1…2 cm in size can be treated with ethanol ablation procedure (abbreviated PEI).
        Ironically, in 16th century Italy a goiter was regarded as a sign of beauty, not as medical condition.

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