Food for a trip + a bonus list of ideas

imageStep 1: Assess needs. In our house, we eat gluten-free so things I bring need to be free of gluten. Other things to think about: are there any allergies I need to take into account? Hypoglycemia? = needs quick protein available. Pregnant? Definitely needs protein available.

Step 2: Write down and plan what to bring! Protein and carbs that can be packed.  I aim for some of both.  When traveling, you sometimes end up with less options (or no options) that suit your needs. I like to be prepared for that.

Step 3: Plan when you will have it ready and plan for the time to make things. If I am bringing meatballs (easy protein that even little ones can manage well) I know I will not have the time/mental energy to be making these the day before the trip. So I plan to make them a couple days out. If I am bringing a wedge of cheese, I do not plan to cut and wrap it the morning we leave. I want to grab what is ready and toss it in a food bag.  I aim to have all my food at least assembled 2 days away from travel time. This enables my last day before we go to be less stressful!!

*It has been invaluable to have a thermal-lined bag for packing our perishable items.

Okay, bonus list of snacks! And if there are some you bring that aren’t on this list, please share in the comments!! I am always looking for new ideas!

Meatballs    cheese    crackers    muffins    hard-boiled eggs    apples    cut carrots    sugar snap peas    fruit leather    beef jerky    nuts    raisins    granola    clementines    egg muffins (little mini casseroles in muffin cups)     bananas    sweet potato chips     almond butter    cooked bacon slices

~ Savvy Food Mama

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