What is this “gluten-free thing”…?? part 2

We’ve talked about the beginning of my gluten-free journey.

Once I knew I needed to be eating gluten-free, I decided to make it work for the whole family. I didn’t want to be making multiple meals for different family members all for the same dinner! So I came up with a working plan -> plan ahead. Not over the top – I like room for spontaneity. So I write down my meal ideas for next week on a sheet of paper. Then I get to pick which ones I make when. I aim to work through the more perishable items 1st. And I try to only make 1 or 2 involved items OR several easy quick items.  That way I spend maybe 45 minutes in the kitchen at dinner time. Sometimes I will do prep in the morning.

Last night for dinner we had leftover Cream of Chicken soup, a spinach salad, and blueberry scones with butter + a glass of milk. I made the salad and the scones, and I reheated the soup. It was fairly quick, and gave me time to do some of the dishes before dinner – that makes a HUGE difference.  When you only have the dishes you used at dinner left to wash, it makes clean-up quick. This gives you more family time, more time with your honey or more wind-down time on your own. Bonus = the scones will last for another 2 meals!! That is how it is easy to incorporate planning ahead, by making extra.

Tonight we will be having pork chops (not sure yet if I am going to cook them on the stove-top or in the oven. Leaning towards stove-top.) I pulled out some homemade apple butter to go on top that I made last fall. I will be making a quick carrot soup. And maybe, if I get to it, steam some peas to go on the side (with lots of butter of course!) If you are lucky, I will remember to take some pictures.

What are you having for dinner???

~ Savvy Food Mama

2 thoughts on “What is this “gluten-free thing”…?? part 2

  1. Do we get your blueberry scone recipe? : )

    I’m enjoying your blog so much – thanks for sharing! I like your idea of making only one or two involved things at a time; I’ll have to try to keep that in mind in my meal planning – too often I seem to find myself trying to do too many different dishes all at once and then dinner ends up being really late…

    We’re having chicken fettuccine alfredo for dinner. : )

    • That sounds yummy!!!

      You are so welcome Anna – it is a joy for me, and I am thrilled to pass on what gets me excited to be in the kitchen!
      And yes, I will make a note to post that recipe for you 🙂

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