Epic cooking failure!!

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Over Christmas, a kind reader sent me some gluten-free grains. One of them was buckwheat. I was excited to try my hand at a new grain, so I decided to make it as a side dish along with some meat we were having for dinner. I thought garlic as the flavor theme sounded good.

The actual cooking part was easy, like rice. I think I just seriously messed up the flavor. It tasted rather weird, and my husband, who likes his starches, politely declined. We ended up eating just meat and veggies for dinner.

Well readers, I had made 2 cups dry, which makes like 4 CUPS OF BUCKWHEAT. I stuck it in fridge and tried to think of a way to modify it. My sister came over a day or 2 later to watch the kids. I asked her to tweak it for their dinner, and gave her access to all kinds of yummy things to add. Pastured bacon, a white cream sauce, and a few other things which I don’t remember.

My husband and I came back from our date to find out- no one wanted anything to do with it!!! Thus my epic failure in cooking a new grain!

Have you succeeded in making buckwheat? What did you like about it?

~ Savvy Food Mama

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