What is this “gluten-free thing”…?? part 1

So maybe you are looking at a future of eating gluten-free, and it looks daunting. Or you’ve been on the road of gluten-free already.

Here is the single most important ingredient I’ve found to being successful at this:

Focus on what you are adding in and what you get to do, rather than what you are missing out on.

I was led to eat gluten-free after a year of making homemade bread. It was awesome – for my afternoon snack, I would often have a fresh slice of warm bread with butter. Delicious! Then I learned more about my family history, and I began dealing with some autoimmune issues. It made sense for me to switch to eating without gluten.

The first 2 or 3 months, all I could think about was fresh bread, doughnuts, pasta. Then I caved and thought, “I think I can have it again, right? I’ll be fine.” Symptoms returned though and so it was back to no gluten.

This time around, I focused on making things I loved, yet without using gluten. Chicken and Dumplings, biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, zucchini bread, muffins. I also looked for new recipes to love. This approach made a HUGE difference. Living without gluten no longer seemed like a burden. I noticed that I made healthier choices by default – since I couldn’t have most doughnuts or cookies any longer, if I attended an event with those items, I didn’t eat them. Less weight put on! Score!

So much of life is how we look at it, right? So we get to choose. Try it for a while. What do you GET TO DO because you can’t or won’t eat gluten?!!!

~ Savvy Food Mama

*That is a gluten-free bagel


4 thoughts on “What is this “gluten-free thing”…?? part 1

  1. You are successful at being gluten free because of your positive attitude. I would like to try a gluten free sourdough bagel.

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