What cooking does for my soul

I like cooking best when the kitchen is quiet. Kids napping. I think, perhaps, because I am creating something, making a new thing from other things, the door is opened for me to ponder. Pondering what is going on in my life, marveling at the good things God has brought to our family, considering what direction to take our family or how best to meet a need. I often pray when cooking. It just spills out sometimes, like a pot set on a back burner that finally boils over.

I love how it feels when I taste what I made, and it is good! Don’t you think, God must have had a lot of fun creating the world?!

My cooking specialty is in the Art of Tweaking. I love to tweak a recipe! Sometimes it is because I don’t have the thing on hand, sometimes it is because I know I can make it taste better or make the process go faster. Sometimes I plan to not tweak and then I forget and I do. Lastly, sometimes it is simply because I messed up!

My tweaking adventure from yesterday was all about biscuits. I measured the dry ingredients, and cut in the butter. Then I set the buttermilk next to the bowl and asked my 4 year old to mix it into the dry. (I was dealing with a 2 year old moment.) I came back, looked into the bowl, and it was a soupy wet mess of dough. I didn’t have enough butter to triple the recipe – I had added 2 cups of buttermilk instead of 2/3 of a cup. So I decided to add more flour and try my hand at making fried biscuits.

They were amazing!! I have never had my dad like a bread type of food that I made so much. I fried them in pork lard – a good source of fat. Yum yum!

The lesson I love from this is to try to solve the mess before you throw it out.

 ~ Savvy Food Mama

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