Traveling with Food

It is very simple. It comes to this – plan the meat!!! (or main protein.)

It is easy to pack the snack-y stuff or even the fruit. I found that by freezing liquids, I could bring them with no problems around staying cold for an extended period of time.

I traveled half-way across the country, by plane, pregnant! Since I eat gluten-free and I didn’t want to deal with the difficulties of not having food available that I can eat, I decided to pack my own. My sweet husband took a Styrofoam container and made a handle out of tape. He then sealed it very thoroughly. It traveled so well – I checked it as one of my bags with no difficulties. As mentioned previously, I froze my liquid items.

What I packed: main dish = grass-fed meat balls for 3 meals, a couple of black bean burgers, enough pastured bacon for 2 meals, leftover homemade pizza for 2 meals, and pastured sausage and egg muffins for breakfast everyday. Dairy = 2 quarts milk (originally frozen – it still tasted great), 1/2 tub yogurt, pastured butter and Brie cheese. Fruit = homemade applesauce and pears. Other stuff = 8 muffins (4 pumpkin and 4 cranberry – I thought I might be sharing), homemade granola to mix into the yogurt, pecan butter, these chips. and some crackers ( I didn’t eat any of those).

This worked so well!!!! It felt great, knowing that I was feeding my body the way I am used to eating versus travel food. I also took my cod liver oil, my probiotics, and my JuicePlus+ every day.

Then, I could just leave my styrofoam container and not worry about bringing it back – perfect!!

What are some of your traveling-with-food Tips? Do you pack it? Get it at your destination? I would love to hear in the comments!!

 ~ Savvy Food Mama

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