Lunch really comes down to 1 simple thing: if you plan a little bit, you will probably eat well most of the time. If you don’t plan ahead, you will probably not eat well most of the time. I have found this to be true for me over and over…

So, the key is to find a time (5 minutes is all you need) and a space to write. Here are 2 ways that have been successful for me. 1) Right before bed – I have a menu/grocery list taped to a spot in my kitchen. There is a pen attached. I take 5 minutes before bed, figure out dinner for the next day, breakfast for the next day, and then lunch tomorrow will be leftovers from that evening. (If I think of any groceries we are out of, I can write those down too.)  I pull the meat out of the freezer, or the dinner I made double of and froze – so that it can thaw.  2) Another way I plan is using a whiteboard (sometimes first thing when I wake up) and jotting down the plan for the day. Again, I plan breakfast and dinner, and lunch is leftovers from the night before.

What is lunch actually? I try to keep in mind that part of the trouble with the way we eat as Americans, is when most of our plate ends up being carbs. (*Fruits, veggies and grains are all processed as carbs. So are chips, candy, soda and other desserts.) This type of lunch gets digested more quickly than meats or good fats, and so we end up hungry again sooner.  Planning for lunch, I find it easiest to make double of dinner the night before. If we are having hamburgers (with grass-fed beef), I make enough for all of us to have one for lunch.  If we are having tacos in lettuce “shells”, I make double the ground beef or fish that I used for the dinner. I also try to incorporate some good fats into our lunch – coconut oil, grass-fed butter.

Lunch probably won’t be the exact same thing as dinner the night before. It does help though to base it around a main dish. I might add crackers and cheese. I love serving plain yogurt in individual bowls and putting a bowl of fruit on the table for each person to add a handful or two. Sometimes, I incorporate cut fresh veggies, or the leftover ones from the night before. It all depends on the day and how busy we are. We do try to sit down for all our meals. I keep a tiny table in my kitchen that the girls can eat at if I am in the middle of cooking or catching up on dishes.

How do you solve the lunchtime conundrum?

 ~ Savvy Food Mama

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime!

  1. We solve the lunch problem the same way- leftovers from dinner the night before! It is the quickest and easiest just to make extra for dinner. When I don’t think ahead, I often grab different fruits and veggies as I run out the door for work!

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