To salt or not to salt….

Did you know that many brands of table salt add SUGAR to their salt????????? Try reading the ingredients on the back of your salt. If it says “Dextrose” that means it has been diluted with sugar. It also means that every time we salt our food with that, unconsciously we are feeding ourselves sugar!!!

Dextrose is the name given to glucose produced from corn. In this country, corn is one of the top genetically modified foods. Thus, it is likely that the dextrose used in common table salt is genetically modified. My family and I try to stay away from GMO’s – otherwise known as Genetically Modified Organisms.  Altering food in this way is definitely still in the experimental stage – it is unknown what the effects are on human physiology.

These sneaky tricks are irritating! It can feel like “here I am, trying to eat right/feed my family right and I am given sneaky ingredients!!! Arrgh!”

So I would like to present you with some happier alternatives to the sugared-up-salt. We rotate our salts to make sure we are getting a good blend of minerals. By rotate, I mean the relaxed way – filling up  our salt shaker with 1 brand the first time and the 2nd brand the next time, then back to the first one. Nothing fancy. One of the brands, I mainly use in cooking (it is the cheaper one of the brands we like). Here you are:

I included the links to find these on Amazon in the captions.  Did you learn something in this post? I’d love to hear what that was in the comments!!

~ Savvy Food Mama

*For further reading on types of sugars, see:

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