Why Plain Yogurt?

Why plain yogurt you ask? There are so many different, fun options out there – why not those? Well, we used to eat that yogurt at the top ~ Activia. Then I learned how to track sugar (see post: https://savvyfoodmama.com/2013/08/20/the-story-of-flavor-part-2-or-how-to-track-your-sugar-consumption/) and my whole thinking changed. I realized if we bought plain yogurt, we could still add sugar and fruit. However, we would be in control of how much sugar we were eating!!

This really appealed to me. There are so many way that sugar is hidden in things. Cutting down how much sugar we were unknowingly consuming seemed like a great idea. Especially once I realized that small containers of yogurt (6 ounces) often contained close to 7 teaspoons of sugar!!!

Then I learned one more thing that “sealed the deal” for me. One of the top benefits to eating yogurt is all the good bacteria that then go into our gut and help it to stay in balance. Here is the kicker though ~ sugar eats that good bacteria!!!!!! So if I am eating a small container (or a serving from a large container) of yogurt that is pre-sweetened, that sugar eats the good bacteria naturally found in the yogurt, leaving me with…not much in the way of good bacteria.

What makes the difference is the amount of time that the sugar sits in the yogurt. So if I sprinkle a little sugar on top of plain yogurt and eat it right away, then I will be eating lots of good bacteria. If however, I sprinkle my sugar on top of plain yogurt, stir it in, and leave it til tomorrow, the sugar will have eaten much of the good bacteria.

We now buy our yogurt plain. We eat it in smoothies for breakfast or as an after dinner dessert. The girls love to be involved in making it special – sometimes we let them put in a spoon of jam or berries or raisins. I use it in cooking and baking. We now use plain yogurt instead of sour cream on our Mexican dishes, thus getting more good bacteria into our guts.

How do you like to use yogurt? I would love to hear in the comments!

~ Savvy Food Mama

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