It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to use for hand soap at our house. My daughter was breaking out in a rash from several different kinds of soap.  I love the convenience of a hand pump, but the best kinds of soap come in bars and are often locally made.  How could I make this work for our family and yet keep it convenient??

I use bar soap (we love some of the health-food store brands as well as locally made soap). I take the bar and put it in a pot. I then run  really hot water on top, about an inch or two.  I let that sit for 5 minutes, then I take the bar out and wrap it up for next time. In the pot I have super soapy water that I then use straight in my soap pumps. If I have any extra left over from filling up our 3 soap pumps, I save it in a glass jar.


~ Savvy Food Mama

6 thoughts on “Handsoap

  1. Moira, what a fantastic idea!! I’ll try it to! I heard recently that the baby shampoo is the WORST thing you could put on anyone’s head. I haven’t researched it, but the guy who told me is probably right. Love you, Mom

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