Five Favorites! Episode 1



French Kids Eat Everything

I absolutely LOVED this book! It was super helpful for my husband and I in figuring out how we wanted to handle food at our house.  We have tweaked our mindset, and it is making a big difference in what my kids eat and their willingness to try new things.  Link for the book on Amazon:


A Favorite Cookbook:

This cookbook is not complicated. I love it because it is fairly easy, lots of recipes I incorporate into our family, and my favorite bit: if there is an ingredient that doesn’t work for you (especially in the baked items), it is super easy to replace it! Don’t have her type of sugar on hand – use what you have in the same amount.


A favorite food blog:

I love this gal’s story. She is delightfully real, and she just came out with her own cookbook! I haven’t tried it yet…I am excited to test it out!


Books! Books in general! I love reading! When people ask me what my hobbies are, this one always jumps to mind first!


Cooking with my 4 year old! 🙂 She just learned to crack eggs, and after only 1 big mess, she is a pro! I love having her stand next to me and helping!

What are your favorites this week? I’d love to hear!

~ Savvy Food Mama

2 thoughts on “Five Favorites! Episode 1

  1. Glad to have found your blog! I’m a fellow TAC alumnus, I also am expecting #3 and I also do ‘weird’ things like use coconut oil, prefer grass fed beef, & read the ingredients on my soap & toothpaste (actually I make my own toothpaste!). A few favorites right now: reading with my 6 year old, a couple of food blogs: kitchenstewardship & kellythekitchenkop, and a cookbook I really like: Nourishing Meals (which is not the same as Nourishing Traditions which is very popular among the traditional foods crowd.)

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