The Story of Flavor…part 3

So the sugar has to go somewhere….

Picture that huge wheelbarrow full of sugar in the last post on flavor – 130lbs/year for average Americans – and think for a minute about your own body. It has a digestive track that pulls nutrients from food and sends them where they are needed all over the body. However, if most or lots of what you are consuming is sugar (or converts to sugar) that has to go somewhere!  The medical evidence is finding that cancer lives on sugar.  (See video clip below.) Metabolic syndrome, a fancy name for a large waistline, is connected with excess sugar. Type 2 diabetes and Obesity are connected with over-consumption of sugar. Sugar is a key known aggravater of inflammation.

Typical breakfast

Lets look at an often, typical version of a day’s food.  Breakfast: doughnuts and coffee (or just a big soda). Morning snack: pop tarts from the vending machine @ work. Lunch: Sandwich and chips. Afternoon snack: a candy bar from the vending machine. Dinner: Spaghetti and garlic bread.

Okay, so breaking this down, how much of this would actually convert to sugar in the body??? Doughnuts, soda, pop tarts, bread on the sandwich, chips, candy bar, spaghetti and garlic bread. Whew! Most of it!

Nutritious option #1

Nutritious option #2

Now lots of us do better than that. We get in a salad at lunch, or we opt for a granola bar for a snack. The point, though, is not to slay ourselves for what we have been doing.  The first point is to recognize what we are eating, to create an awareness of what we are eating. Done that? Score!

Okay, the second point is to choose to swap things out. I love doing this in BABY STEPS!

So….bring a hard boiled egg with you out the door for breakfast. Maybe get up 5 minutes earlier and make a smoothie. Or pack some snacks that give more protein instead of simply carbs. Ideas – nuts, or nut butters. I’d love to hear more ideas in the comments!

One more reason why this is so important: remember how we talked about that “satiety switch” triggered by the good fats? When we remove some of these excess carbs/sugars and replace them with proteins and good fats, that “satiety switch” will be triggered thus allowing us to experience a true sense of satisfaction.

~ Savvy Food Mama

I would like to suggest that you check out this 15 minute clip on what the medical community is finding with sugar. I found that it helped me understand why so many people are suffering from chronic diseases. It also helped me understand why keeping tabs on my sugar intake could make a big difference in my health.

*Awesome link to an article on Sugar and Inflammation for further reading:

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