7 Quick Takes – vol. 1

— 1 —

This week our car died on me. I had 2 kids in the car with me, and we were super fortunate to coast to a gas station. The dashboard was already not displaying correctly, we were pretty sure the transmission was going to die soon, and so we thought, “well, that is the end of that car!” Happily for us, my smart husband still had it assessed – it turns out that the car ran out of gas, the transmission was simply leaking and now the dashboard displays correctly!!! That is the quick assessment.  We are very happy!

— 2 —

Quote of the week: “I just guessed” – used correctly in context by my 2 year old!

— 3 —

I made chicken curry this week for my family. I also made it for all of you, so you could see a picture. 🙂 Sadly, I don’t get to eat it with my family because…..

— 4 —

…I get to go with some friends for an overnight tonight! We are going to a nutrition lecture by a husband/wife team that looks like it will be awesome!! And then I get to spend Saturday with my friends soaking up time/love/more nutrition info/coaching all day!

— 5 —

Per #4, I am going to take lots of notes! I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you next week!

— 6 —

It is so beautiful outside today! I love it when the outside is cool enough to leave windows open.  I love it when my 4 year old keeps standing up in her seat at breakfast to see out her open window. I love it when she tells me, “Mama, don’t the birds sound nice?”

— 7 —

Food story: Today we had Duck Liver Pate (I haven’t figured out how to get the accent on my letters yet.). I love the French idea behind eating that recommends with kids continue offering new foods and don’t give up on the first couple tries. Ask them does it feel – smooth, crunchy – or does it taste – salty, sour, sweet. I like to let my girls be involved in different ways to get the food into their mouth. I gave the 4 year old a cheese spreading “knife” and let her put her pate on her own crackers. When the 2 year old’s turn came, I asked her if she wanted it with pate or plain? She said “plain”, but got upset when I handed her just a cracker. So I spread some pate on it and she said, “I wike it” – I like it!

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