So excited to start this Blog!!!

I am really excited to be jumping on this blogging journey! I am a busy mama with 2 small children and one on the way. I have learned many things about nutrition and healthy living through my journey of mama-hood. I get asked frequently to share recipes, teach why we need to eat lots of good fats, what shampoo I use, and all sorts of questions related to learning how to take care of oneself and one’s family well.  I invite you to join me and come on along!


~ Savvy Food Mama

6 thoughts on “So excited to start this Blog!!!

  1. O my gosh Moira this is so cool. I’m so excited to follow your blogs. I was meaning to contact you about recipes because We found out elly is sensitive to gluten, corn and dairy. Need of help for what to make her

  2. Congratulations on your nice blog, Moira! I am sure you will gain many followers, and we’re glad to hear that God has blessed you two with three children. God bless you! Dean, ’07

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