We’re off on an ADVENTURE!

Hi there!

Glad you can join me at the beginning of our adventure!  I am on a mission to show “fun” ways to eat healthy.

However ironic, the saying “Eat healthy!” has so many of us hearing a little voice inside go “Oh no! Another dreaded encounter with what I’m NOT doing. But it’s so hard to get the *healthy* food into us, not to mention into the kids.” Before we know it, we’re already stopped – not getting any healthier from the fuel we could be putting in.

Let’s face it.  We all would like to have an Easy button for healthy food.  You know, prep food/table/dishes in 5 minutes and feel “That was EASY!”  Or when you’re staring at the red-slimy looking goop in the pot (what was it again, beet soup?) thinking “My neighbor wasn’t feeling well – I bet she’d appreciate this.  And I can just have that Marie Calendar frozen dinner.” Or when you’re putting out the salad in front of your 6-year-old, the classic complaint comes sailing out: “Mo-o-om, do I have to have salad? Can I just have the jello and go to bed?” And you think to yourself, Do I look like a child-torturer?

This is such a common occurrence that I want to show you how different your life can be.  Just dream for a few SECONDS …

You put together an amazing 5-course dinner in 10 minutes because you made a couple of double batches over time over the last month!

Or you find a way to spice up your broths to make those awesome bone nutrients super tasty!

Or you miraculously hear your little guy say “Mom, canIprettypleasehaveanotherpepper?”

Follow me on this journey to find out how!  See you next time!

~ Savvy Food Mama

4 thoughts on “We’re off on an ADVENTURE!

  1. Looking forward to reading your blog. I am coming from a different direction… My children are grown but I am looking forward to healthier living for my husband And I…. Thanks Moira !

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