Toddler shenanigans

A couple weeks ago I was getting ready for the day putting my make up on in the bathroom. I hear this loud hollering for mama coming from the hallway. (There is hollering and there is HOLLERING.) this was a case of the latter.
I opened the door and found out that my two-year-old son had gotten himself locked in my bedroom. By himself.

I called my husband at work but he didn’t answer. That usually means he’s in the middle of a meeting. I tried to open the door, nothing. Finally I decided to call my brother who is an excellent lock picker.

Meanwhile in my bedroom I hear my little guy shouting, “big mess, big mess!” He is two years old so it comes out very statically….BIG….MESS!

In my head I’m thinking, how bad can it be he’s pulled books off the bookshelf, or he got into the trash. My expert lock picking brother starts talking me through the process, “find something small enough that will fit in the hole like a coat hanger.”
– that didn’t work… and do you know I don’t remember what the next item he suggested was, all I remember is it worked! It took me about five seconds to turn to the right and it unlocked.

I walked into the room to see Mr. Buddy with no pants on, no diaper on, and just his onesie on his body. “Big… Mess!” There it was, a puddle of pee!

My four-year-old called out to me, “it’s a minor inconvenience Mama.” I love that mindset that she exudes! All day long for the rest of the day I could just hear the little guy’s voice, ringing in my head: “big… Mess!”it made me laugh all day long.

What to make for breakfast?


Today I had planned a pretty typical breakfast. The kids get to eat after they’ve gotten dressed and ready for the day and mama has too. However… I was surprised by what happened with my girls.

Last night I went to a Christmas party and brought as my contribution to the dinner a beautiful tray of veggies with homemade hummus. This morning as I was prepping breakfast food, the girls saw that tray and started begging for some veggies. Before you know it Mr. Buddy wanted some too. So, first thing for breakfast my kids ate carrots, peppers, cucumbers and hummus!!
What is the funniest or craziest breakfast story that you have experienced?


Mama musings

It’s a good day when mama gets a shower. It’s a great day when the food is already planned out. It’s a fabulous day when the food actually gets made. And when the laundry gets moved through the wash and dryer, no matter how dark it is outside, the sun is shining!

Today the sun is shining brightly!!

Seriously, there’s lots that mama has to do every day or gets to do and it takes a bit of juggling. Especially in the season of Advent leading up to Christmas when there’s cards to write, presents to buy and wrap, things to deliver, a house to decorate, and a sense of staying in the present to pass on to our little people. That last one is the one that takes the most intention.

Rather than decorating my house all at once, I opt to do one item or so a day. The kids get to help me get something out of the advent or Christmas box to make the house look pretty. They also get to put one piece up for the creche every day. Slowly the house is transformed, and by Christmas eve it’s full of excitement.

Little people love quality time and they love getting to partake in the doing of things. It doesn’t seem to matter at my house if it’s a Christmas craft, or making dinner, getting to create brings a huge sense of wonder and joy. I think we all love to create in our own individual ways.what is something that brings you joy that you love to create?

Moment by moment

Today in quick moments:

Moment one: I remembered to plan out our meals last night. That saves me so much time and effort and money because I remember to use up what we have. I write on our little white board what I’m making for dinner and for breakfast and then check the refrigerator for what we’re using for lunch. I try to cook a lot during the week so that what I cooked lasts during the weekend and we use up the leftovers. It’s always fun to walk into a Monday with lots of leftovers so I don’t have to cook much. Yay!

Moment two: the kids are upstairs on nap time. We have two rules for the older kids – stay in bed, and stay quiet. There’s about a 50% success rate on any given day. Right now they’re staying in bed… You can figure out the rest.

Moment three: I worked on a Christmas craft today with the kids. We are making placeholders for Christmas name tags around the table. Let’s just say it involves time and a hot glue gun… A tad tricky this morning with three Littles running around.

Moment four: Real mama moment… I have two loads of laundry to be folded sitting on my dining room table and two in the basement also ready to be folded. I have lots of Christmas stuff to do this week… Real moms really juggle! Just not with toy balls.

Question: if this were you when you were faced with working on Christmas presents or folding laundry which would you choose?

St. Nicholas Feast day

Happy Sunday!

Today’s the only day of the week we do not usually set an alarm. We like to let the noise of the kids wake us up. This morning, the first sounds I heard were my eldest daughter singing O Holy Night to Mr. buddy in his crib. It was such a precious moment, the kind you want to pause and remember forever. The song was followed by sweet giggles and laughing.
I like hearing how they play together first thing in the morning. The deal is, they wait in their room until daddy and I get them up. They’re allowed to excuse themselves to go to the bathroom, and then they go back to the bedroom and play. People have told me since they were small that these years are fleeting. Sometimes it feels like a day lasts a lifetime, and sometimes it feels like just yesterday we brought our oldest daughter home from the hospital. I tried to savor those “pause” moments throughout the day.

The song that my oldest was singing today– O holy night – that’s the song my husband sings while they are growing in my tummy. It has a special memory for all of us.

After a few minutes, we got up to get ready for the day. Today is a big celebration at our house – everyone left their shoes out last night all lined up. In the morning, we woke up to come downstairs and see the treats that are in our shoes. The tradition goes back to the fourth century where a bishop, St Nicholas assisted a poor family. They did not have enough money for their Dowery. They were facing a tough life without that. One night they went to bed with their shoes out (it is unclear to me whether they were on the doorstep, or near the hearth); in any case, in the morning they had a small sack of gold in each pair of shoes for each of the girls. To celebrate that feast day, we all leave our shoes out and find some small yummy treats in the morning.

Happy Sunday during this beautiful Advent season!



 This past weekend, Saturday was very full at our house. My girls and I went out to do Zumba at the park, we grocery shopped at several stores, my husband and I did our budget session, and I went out with a friend for  coffee. So by the time dinner time came around, my husband and I looked at each other… “I didn’t pull any meat out of the freezer” He mentioned.  “Yeah, we never planned dinner last night did we?” I responded.

 We call this adventure dinner at our house. Translated, it means leftovers… Or whatever mama can find.


 Naptime at our house is strictly enforced. There are only two rules – stay in bed, and stay quiet. They are met with about a 50% success rate… Sometimes they fall asleep and take a nap and are completely quiet and stay in bed the whole time. Sometimes they are up-and-down and super noisy  and in trouble the whole time. Most of the time, they’re sort of noisy and I can hear them getting out of bed and I just leave well enough alone. Frequently, the getting out of bed part involves the older sister reading to the younger one –  handling a little bit of noise for that one seems worth it.

 Occasionally one of the kids comes downstairs. They know it better be a good reason. Today, my four-year-old came down and told me, “Mama, this is a very important reason why I am coming down!  I found this and I didn’t want Brendan to get it, so I’m bringing it to you.”


 Please note, the tiniest bead you have ever seen. Definitely serious enough to get up from nap!!!

Apricot Chicken…and a video!

Dear patient readers, thank you for your patience!!! I have been working on some  Direction and desires for this blog that were deep in my heart. They are coming together!!!

I have created for you my first video blog. I want to show you what I do in my kitchen, how easy it is.  I want you to know that you can make this cooking thing work in a way for your family that is nutritious and delicious!

I’m so excited for you to get a peek into my life, the real life! Check it out under my YouTube name: SavvyFoodMama.



~Moira, Savvy Food Mama